JAXA Hayabusa 2 Project

A sample return mission to primitive bodies has the potential to revolutionize our understanding of pristine materials essential to understand the conditions for planet formation and emergency of life.

It can provide us important information needed to develop strategies to protect the Earth from potential hazards.

Moreover robotic sample return mission to primitive bodies will be pathfinders for sample returns from higher-gravity bodies and, later on, for human missions that might use asteroid resources to facilitate human exploration and the development of space.

We are planning "Hayabusa2" mission as a successor to "Hayabusa", toward elucidation of the origin and evolution of our solar system and life.



11 Apr 2013
We made campaign banners in three differnt sizes. Feel free to use them in your websites, and let the whole world join!
10 Apr 2013
Let's meet with Le Petit Prince! Million Campaign2" has started!
26 Dec 2012
The main body of the Hayabusa2 flight model was introduced and appeared at the press conference.
01 May 2011
Hayabusa2 Project started.
09 Oct 2009
International Workshop on Small Body Exploration by Physical Interactions -Impacts, Excavations, Blasts- (19-20 Oct 2009, Tokyo, Japan)
17 Sept 2008
Website launched.